The Brand Cotton Cub was established in September 2019 by Nadia Mavis.

Hi mommies, thank you so much for clicking this page and spending some time in getting to know us. My name is Nadia.

Everything started out as my envolvement in the garment industry after I married into my husband's family. At the time the factory was only catering for global international brands. After a year of learning the necessary basics and tending to the factory's global buyers' perfectionist requests, I realised a bigger potential and a new dream, which is to bring this ultimate pristine quality we have been providing for the international market, to our own home country.

So I embarked on a year of research and trials and error to create the best possible organic baby wear suitable for the locals. It has to be of the highest quality but yet affordable for our customers. The journety started off from sourcing the best Certified Organic Cotton. Since we have a list of top suppliers on hand, we only needed to choose the best one for our products.

Next is crafting our own fabric. To create something soft, safe, supple, fluffy, thick, stretchy and breathable. We spend months and over hundreds of kgs of fabric throughout our trial and error process. From knitting the yarn, knitting them again into fabric, choosing the right colors and dyeing them with the correct finishing formula and finally cutting them and sewing them into the clothes that you see in our website now. It took months of blood, sweat and tears and over 100 workers to get done.

Creating the perfect models and fit also took us another 4 months, we wanted something simple, timeless yet exudes pristine quality. We took inspirations from several Australian brands and combining them with a Japanese touch, known for their excelent craftmanship.

After the year is done, so is our first collection. We couldn't be more proud of what our team has produced and couldn't wait for them to get to you. Our journey has just begun and we thank all of our customers for making it a fun one. There is of course plenty more to the story, but I think I'll bore you some other time, hopefully when we could all meet in person

"To make something out of your passion, and to create it from the heart."

We hope you absolutely love our collection as much as we do.