Bear Beanie

IDR 49,000.00
Bear Beanie 18 18

Bear Beanie in Butter, Blush, Brick, Brown, Sage and Slate

Hood Size: all size fit up to 12m
Fabric: 100% Organic Cotton CombedĀ 

SNI Certified, Otganic Cotton Certified, ISO Certified

100% Certified Organic Cotton, 40s COMBED 180gsm. Breathable, buttery soft with motion support.

Shrinkage, pH, color transfer test are all done in our in house lab.

Every step of production from sourcing the organic cotton, knitting the yarn, processing and customizing the fabric, dyeing, cutting, printing and sewing is done in our own integrated factory to assure the quality in every step. Sewing is done by our in house professionals following the international standard of quality.

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