About Us

We are a self-manufactured baby clothing brand, exclusively using Premium Certified Organic Cotton
We pride ourselves in creating our own products in-house, every step of the way. From sourcing the world's
best Organic Cotton, we then knit them into yarns and the specific fabrics that we use in our baby clothing.

Our factory has been in the textile and garment business for over 30 years and we are one of the largest
integrated textile factory in South East Asia. 

Before Cotton Cub, we spent our years serving global brands and consumers. Following the ISO standards of
manufacturing, providing a fair wage, safe working environments, sustainable practices while maintaining the best
possible quality for our consumers. All those years of learning and perfecting our craft, we have now decided
to pursue our own Organic Brand with international standard of quality, for our local buyers.

We created Cotton Cub with the aim in providing the best quality baby wear in the market, within an affordable
price range. Our mission is to continue to grow with you, shielding your precious babies from harmful materials,
while also giving Cotton Farmers and our workers a fair and rewarding working experience, not forgeting
to protect our environments from toxic substances. 

Our production from Cotton sourcing to packaging, involves close to 0% in plastic usage. We care about the environment
as much as we care about our customers, together we aim for a harmonious balance between 
product, production, the environment and our clients. 

We are not just a product, we are a journey and a family. Come join us and our cause, today.